Student FAQ


You can enrol online at the following link:  Click here
Apart from your personal data, you’ll need your student registration number and possibly an updated resume in PDF format.
Once you have enrolled successfully, you’ll receive a confirmation email to activate your account.
Yes, you’ll get 2 ECTS credits for actively taking part in the Virtual Career Day.
In order to obtain 2 CFU credits you must:
  • follow the official Virtual Career Day opening event that will take place on the morning of 27 May (Visit the “Program” page for further details).
  • If, for any reason whatsoever, you cannot follow the event live, you can watch it at a later time directly on the Career Day website;
  • view at least 5 company sheets that interest you;
  • interact with at least 2 companies through the platform, by showing you are interested in them or reciprocating the interest manifested by the company toward your profile;
  • conduct at least 2 interviews with the companies (after 3 June);
  • take the final multiple choice test with general questions on the event and on the thematic seminars. The test will be available directly in your reserved area on the platform.
Directly on the Virtual Career Day website, via the relevant link.
No, just login with your FIRST and LAST NAME and specify your UNICAM email.
Yes, the Virtual Career Day official opening video, with the Rector's welcome speech and the thematic seminars, will be available on the Career Day website.
Yes, via the login log and with online interactive tools during the events. Monitoring will be carried out both during “live” events and upon accessing the videos.
You have to submit a request to your School that will verify it and then proceed to assign the CFU.
Attention: the University will enable the interview scheduling function only after 12:30 PM of 27 May 2020, and interviews will take place after Wednesday 3 June.
Every interview will last up to 20 minutes; you can schedule an interview based on the time slots indicated by the company.
For more information on the time slots available, refer to the relevant interview section in the company sheet.
You can book an interview only after 12:30 PM of 27 May 2020.
You can book an interview even on the same day, up to 30 minutes prior to the time slot start, if there are still time slots available.
You will have a reserved “room” available on the “Webex meetings” platform (Click here to start the download).
You can access the room directly from the Career Day platform.
Attention: the room will be available just a few moments before the interview starts.
On the platform, you can cancel a scheduled interview until midnight of the day before your interview.


Add as many information on your personal and professional background as possible; load your profile image; add a short description of your interests and aspirations; specify the fields you’d like to work in; load an updated version of your resume.
By accessing the platform, you can search for participating companies based on a series of parameters and interact directly with them.
On the platform, you can search for any open position offered by the companies and submit your application.